Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Problems scaling your business as there is information stored on a different systems and YOU are the only one that knows how to access 

  • Finding documents, emails and other vital information is extremely time consuming or even impossible

  • Changing the way you operate your business to fit the limitations of your existing systems

  • Unable to access your information when you are out of the office

  • Documents, emails and SMS messages are sent from your business with incorrect information which impacts your credibility

  • Important data is not secure or backed up properly 

  • Vital stages of a workflow are missed or done out of order.

  • You are unaware who and when changes were made as there is no audit trail 

  • Perhaps you are simply paying too much for the systems that you are using?  

If you are experiencing any of the above then ChilliDocs may be the answer.

ChilliDocs is a configurable, secure, cloud-based, mobile-friendly and fully auditable system that is easy to use and gives you quick access to all your items that are listed below. 

  • Custom entities. These are the entities that you use in your business. We understand that no two businesses are alike, so we allow you to customise the information you store for your entities. The information can be as simple or as complex as you like and ChilliDocs supports a variety of different field types including text, dates, times, phone numbers, email addresses, HTML, numbers, linked entities, embedded entities and many more. ChilliDocs has a range of pre-configured entity templates for you to chose from including contacts, clients, projects, matters, inventory, quotes, job applicants and many, many more. 

    You can import data into ChilliDocs from Excel spreadsheets. The import process can also be used to modify entities in bulk.
    As you would expect, exporting data to a spreadsheet is also supported. This is very useful if you need to change systems at a later date.  

  • Documents. These are electronic files or documents and can be saved against any entity in ChilliDocs. ChilliDocs also supports the merging of PDF, DOCX and HTML documents from templates.

  • Notes. These are notes to record any activity against an entity. For example phone calls, meetings, discussions, etc.

  • Emails. Each entity in ChilliDocs has its own email address so that inbound email can be automatically saved against the correct entity. ChilliDocs also supports the creation of emails from templates. 

  • SMS. Typically, information in SMS messages is only held on mobile devices. With ChilliDocs, outbound SMS messages are automatically saved against the custom entity giving you one view of all the items attached to an entity. 

  • Tasks. Don't miss another to-do list item. Tasks can be allocated to any entity in ChilliDocs and assigned to many users. They can also setup to recur at regular intervals.

All the information listed above is easily discoverable using our state-of-the-art searching and filtering. In addition, there is a full audit trail of this information showing who changed what and when.

The nominated ChilliDocs administrators have access to a settings menu and from here, they configure the environment for your business. This includes the following: 

  • Configurable dashboard. Control the information that is displayed on the dashboard.

  • Notifications. Control how your users get notified of when certain events occur such as when entities are added or modified.

  • Tags. These are applied to any of the items listed above and this information is used to help display, filter and search for these items.

  • Entity templates. Setup the entity template name, fields and relationships for all the entities that you use in your business.

  • Document templates. These are the DOCX,  PDF and HTML templates that are used to automatically create documents.

  • Email and SMS templates. These are the templates that are used to automatically create outbound email and SMS messages.

  • Workflows. ChilliDocs has a rich and fully functional workflow that is used to automate most of the functionality that exists in ChilliDocs including adding or updating entities/notes/files, adding tasks, merging documents, sending emails/SMS and so on. In addition ChilliDocs is integrated with Xero and allows you to create or synchronise many of the object types in Xero including bills, invoices, products & services, timesheets and many more. 

At no additional cost, we can assist you in setting up your ChilliDocs configuration AND importing data from your existing systems.

Please contact us to learn how ChilliDocs can save you time and money, and can significantly reduce errors

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